Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

In Orlando, Air duct cleaning is vital to surviving seasonal allergies and the constant threat of mold. Ducts are vital to your setup for a forced-air HVAC system. The air your furnace heats or your air conditioner cools moves through these ducts before entering various rooms in your home through the vents, keeping the house at the ideal temperature. 

You’ll never see inside your ducts, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Dust, dirt, and mold can accumulate in these areas, and a professional air duct cleaning is the only way to remedy the issue.

Understanding why duct cleaning is necessary and how the process works is crucial before you begin. Keep reading for information on the benefits of hiring a professional contractor to assist with your next air duct cleaning.

Worker using an air duct cleaning machine and hose to remove dust in the air duct of a ceiling in a residential home in Orlando, FL.


Reasons You Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned

According to the EPA, you should only clean your ducts as necessary. The exact frequency varies based on factors like the location of your home, the presence of moisture, and whether you have pets. External factors like air leaks and potential access points for pests also matter. Reasons to clean your ducts include the following:


Eliminate Contaminants

The first reason to go ahead with an Orlando air duct cleaning is to prevent dirt and dust from building up. These contaminants can blow around your home and impact indoor air quality if you don’t address the problem, so cleaning them before this happens is advisable.

It’s particularly important to have your ducts cleaned if you or someone in your household has allergies. Dust, pollen, and even mold can be released from your ducts into the air you breathe, leading to sneezing and breathing troubles for those with a sensitivity.


Remove Mold

If moisture gets into your duct system, it could create the ideal environment for mold to grow. Naturally, you’ll want to remove this mold immediately because breathing it in can cause health problems.

An air duct cleaning will help eliminate mold from inside your ducts, but you’ll also have to figure out the source of the mold to stop it from reappearing. Hiring a professional air duct cleaning service in Orlando, FL is a step in the right direction because they can help you identify why you have a mold problem in the first place.


Pest Infestations

Although it’s rare, there is a chance insects or rodents could get into your duct system and cause problems. When this occurs, you’ll want to clean your ducts right away to prevent your family from breathing in the potentially hazardous fumes from these animals.

Of course, learning how these pests got into your ducts is also essential. They usually access ductwork through a small hole, and they could nest or hatch there, further complicating the situation.


HVAC Maintenance

You might want to clean your ducts as part of your HVAC maintenance. While having them cleaned annually isn’t usually necessary, having a professional come in and remove the dust and debris that’s building up every few years will keep them clean and prevent clogging.

An Orlando air duct cleaning professional can help your HVAC system work more efficiently and prolong its lifespan, too, giving you even more reason to invest in this service. After all, you want your furnace and air conditioner to last as long as possible, and a little preventative maintenance goes a long way.

BEAST Rotobrush machine on wheels.

Your Orlando Air Duct Cleaning Options

Once you figure out if it’s time for a duct cleaning, it’s time to understand what the process includes. The reality is that there are different duct cleaning options depending on your needs and the contaminants you have in your system. Options to consider include the following:

  • Rotobrush machine – A standard air duct cleaning in Orlando involves using a Rotobrush machine. The Rotobrush uses rotating bristles to dislodge dust, debris, and allergens and a powerful vacuum to collect and remove them from your home. The result is clean ducts and better indoor air quality. 
  • Fogger – To take your air duct cleaning a step further, you might sanitize them. In this scenario, a technician will use a fogger to distribute an EPA-approved disinfectant through your air ducts, killing bacteria and other contaminants it contacts.
  • Fiberlock paint encapsulation – An air duct encapsulation might be necessary when mold is present. This process involves using Fiberlock paint to seal mold spores in your ductwork, preventing them from releasing into the air.

The duct cleaning type you select depends on the state of your duct system. Speak with a professional air duct cleaning service in Orlando, FL to learn more about your options.

BEAST Rotobrush machine on wheels.
Worker holding an air duct sanitizing machine and pointing a hose toward the ceiling at a vent opening.
Man on a scissor lift preparing to clean air ducts at a retail business.

Why Hire a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service in Orlando, FL

You never want to try cleaning your air ducts alone. For starters, it’s highly unlikely you have the equipment you need to do the job right. It can also be dangerous if there’s mold in your ducts because you could inadvertently release it into your home. Professional air duct cleaning companies offer:

  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Quality

The result is a job done correctly the first time and fewer worries about your indoor air quality moving forward.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQS

Air duct cleaning in Orlando ranges from $400-$700. Ultimately, it is based on number of vents, square footage, and location of your home. Contact us today for a quote!

Yes, but it’s not recommended. The main drawbacks to cleaning your own air ducts are the lack of equipment and potentially encountering mold. Hire a professional team to clean your air ducts and save you the trouble.

The average air duct cleaning takes around 3-4 hours. For larger homes with more air duct vents, an air duct cleaning can take 5-8 hours.

Signs that it’s time to get an air duct cleaning include stronger than usual allergy symptoms, dirty air vents, or mold spores in or around around air vents. Many new homeowners choose to have their air ducts cleaned prior to moving in too.

A man attaching a green brush to the end of a hose.

#1 Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando

When the time for an air duct cleaning arrives, selecting an experienced contractor with a proven industry track record is vital. You want the job completed correctly because your indoor air quality is at stake. 

Ducks Duct Cleaning uses state-of-the-art technology and licensed technicians, giving you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on optimizing our clients’ indoor air quality and giving them healthier living spaces. Contact Ducks Duct Cleaning to book an Orlando air duct cleaning appointment

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